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Up to 17 SEER Up to 9.0 HSPF / Up to 11.5 EER HEAT PUMP AND COOLING ONLY

Today, the air is perfect. Perfect temperature. Perfect humidity. Perfectly clean and fresh, like just after a rainstorm. And the only thing more perfect than this outdoor scenario is that it’s all happening inside. Because that’s where we work. That’s where we play, where we sleep, where we truly live. And that’s why at Daikin, we aim to make the air inside as refreshing as the outside. Better comfort. Better control and efficiency. Better quality. So you can create your own unique ecosystem. And everyday is perfect. Inside and out.

Ideal solution for:

›› Renovations, remodeling and new construction

›› A perfect alternative to noisy and inefficient window or through-the-wall air conditioner units

›› Sun rooms, basements, attics, garages, hot or cold rooms, and more

›› Rooms where floor space comes at a premium or is not available for other application

›› Ceiling void or attic does not allow for a viable duct run option

›› Cooling Only models are an excellent value for space not requiring heating

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