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Why choose ZIPS HVAC for your home air purification needs?

At ZIPS HVAC, we only offer the strongest, most effective air purification technology available. Our Polarized Media Air Filters are created to fit directly into your existing furnace, but unlike standard air filters that only trap larger particles, polarized filters act the same as magnetic fields and attract smaller particles to charged fibers on the carbon pad, resulting in a 97% efficiency rating.

Our polarized air filters are easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate. You’ll only need to change these filters three times a year to maintain a high level of air quality in your home and comes with a lifetime warranty on the electronic components of the system. We've helped hundreds of homeowners improve their indoor air with our polarized media air filters, and we can do the same for you.

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$100 OFF
UV-C Germicidal lamp

Eliminate 99% of Germs and Viruses

Improve your family's indoor air quality with Zips HVAC high-intensity germicidal UV-C light!

Benefits include:

  • Kills mold, bacteria, and viruses

  • Reduce odors and toxins

  • Improve your indoor air quality

  • Helps extend the life of your HVAC System

  • Installed in your existing HVAC system

How does it work?
Our high-intensity Germicidal UV light is installed directly into your central air system. As air circulates through the system, the UV lamp continuously sanitizes air as it passes through providing your home with clean, sanitized air.

What is UV light and is it safe?
This trusted purifying method is used in hospitals and utilizes a specific UV wavelength that is proven to kill germs and viruses just like those in nature and the sun's rays.

Does my home need a germicidal UV-C?
If you're looking to eliminate viruses, dust, odors, mold spores, tobacco smoke, pet dander, germs, and toxic chemicals to provide the healthiest indoor air quality possible, then our germicidal UV-C is the most effective solution for your home.

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