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What maintenance do I need to do on my air conditioner?

Regular upkeep and maintenance of your air conditioner is necessary to keep it running efficiently and effectively. Make sure to change or clean the air filter periodically, and keep bushes and tall grass or grass clippings out of the outdoor unit. It is also important to schedule annual maintenance visits with a qualified technician who can check the system more thoroughly and make any necessary adjustments.

How does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner contains a refrigeration system, and works very similar to your refrigerator, except on a larger scale to keep your entire home cool. More specifically, an air conditioner works by using refrigerant to absorb the heat from inside your home, converting it into a gas state.The refrigerant is then passed through the compressor which increases its temperature further before releasing it outside of the home. This process reduces indoor temperatures and helps regulate humidity levels in the house. After absorbing heat, the refrigerant is cooled down and passed back into the indoor coil (the evaporator) to repeat the cycle.



Product Details

  •  HVAC equipment products sold to licensed contractors only. Products sold in select areas only, please contact your local branch for availability in your area

  •  High-efficiency constant torque

  •  ECM blower motor

  •  Self-diagnostic integrated furnace control board (IFC)

  •  Matches with single- and two-stage AC and HP for more system options

  •  Durable silicon nitride hot surface igniter

  •  Sealed combustion, 100% outside air option

  •  Multi-port, in-shot burners

  •  Tubular, stainless steel primary heat exchanger

  •  Pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet


What are the different types of air handlers?

Air handlers come with various capabilities and features. Some are designed to operate with multiple levels of heating and cooling capabilities, while others are more simplistic with single-stage performance. The most common types include: 

  • Single-Stage Air Handler: Designed for one stage of operation at a time; typically used with single-stage heating/cooling systems. 

  • Multi-Stage Air Handler: Has multiple speeds so it can adjust to different heating and cooling requirements; often used with multi-stage or variable speed HVAC systems. 

  • Variable-Speed Air Handler: Features different speeds so it can match your desired comfort level; often used with variable speed HVAC systems. 

  • Packaged Air Handler: Combines the air handler, condenser and evaporator into one single unit that’s installed outside the home. 

  • Horizontal Flow Air Handler: Designed to fit in tight spaces such as crawl spaces or closets, these units feature a horizontal airflow. 

No matter which type of air handler you choose, Trane offers a variety of options that are designed for efficiency and performance. Our air handlers are available in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Plus, they’re backed by a 10-year limited warranty, so you can be sure that you’ll enjoy reliable comfort for years to come.

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